Stay local, scale compute.

Leverage your team's untapped computing power to deploy open-source NLP models.

How it works

Tap into your existing on-premise hardware to solve your NLP needs.

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Setup your cluster

Create a cluster to manage your team's accesses on Hulse.

Create cluster
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Run your host

Share computing power with the Hulse desktop app (Intel macOS) or using the Hulse CLI.

Start hosting
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Process data

Run NLP models from the Hugging Face model hub on your cluster with our API and Python client.

Query models

Deploy 🤗 NLP models

Hulse simplifies locally deploying pre-trained NLP models for heavy workloads.

State-of-the-art models

Deploy open-source NLP models from the Hugging Face model hub directly to your team's computers.

Cheaper than Cloud

Avoid cloud-server costs by keeping compute local to your team's existing hardware.

Easy to use

Move fast with developer tools made to help you seamlessly process large datasets.

Easy to use
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A new kind of Private Cloud

Cut your costs while improving compliance, with low maintenance overhead.


All your computing stays local to your team's computers, no outsourcing.


Only members of your cluster can host your data for processing.


Hosting does not slow down your computer. Query logs can be viewed from the dashboard (soon).


Hulse is currently in beta. Let us know below if there is something you'd like to see us doing.

Python client

Easily run inferences on your data using our Python client.

Hugging Face Transformers

Query NLP models from the Hugging Face model hub on Hulse.

Auto provision

Models are automatically loaded when you run a query.

Authenticate users

Authenticate your Hulse cluster users with OAuth to restrict access.

macOS host app

Run a host in the background of your computer with the Hulse app.

CLI host

Run a host on any platform directly from your terminal.

Choose the plan that's right for you.

Fixed pricing, no surprises.


Increase your local scale as a small team for free.

$0/device per month
  • 20 devices per cluster
  • Community support
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Stay compliant while lowering the costs of your data team.

$10/device per month
  • Unlimited devices per cluster
  • Email support
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Self-host with full compliance and security at scale.

Contact us
  • Everything included in Team
  • Audit Log API
  • SAML + SSO
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